Bored at home during this outbreak? Catch up on these classics…🧟

There is some hope as we know the mixture of the two drugs “Hydroxychloroquine” normally used for malaria and “rheumatoid” normally used for arthritis. Crazy as that sounds this combination of two drugs has worked in other countries, and thanks to President Trump cutting down the red tape needed we got hospitals using it here in the USA, and so we shall see how this works out overall, and I hope it doesn’t result in a ZOMBIE apocalypse.

I’ve seen enough movies based on that to know this is how one of them movies could start… Now I’m not one to cause panic! But I think we all need to keep in perspective that if you’re not sick now, and you make it to mid may without being sick it doesn’t mean we can’t catch it some how. So even then you have to be careful… You know this is a good time to catch up on some Zombie flicks… Just in case you’re rusty on how to take some of them out cause well. YOU NEVER KNOW!

I’m not saying this is what’s going to happen… I’m just being careful cause you know I’ve seen just about every episode of “The Walking Dead” and frankly I don’t want to be eaten by a Zombie or beaten by a bat full of wires like one used by NEGAN! So with that said let’s all take some time, and catch up on all out favorite Zombie movies.

Here are some of my favorites… And some you can actually watch on YouTube right now for free…

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