Thanks to Biden/Clinton/Bush Jr/Obama for the crime bills which made this justified!

IN The biggest no shit DUH move yet! No officers were charged directly with killing Breonna Taylor Six months after police fatally shot her in Louisville, the Jefferson County. The grand jury voted to indict officer Brett Hankison for “wanton endangerment” for blindly shooting 10 rounds from outside of Taylor’s apartment. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the use of force by two other officers in the case was “justified” to protect themselves. As you can imagine Twitter heads are already going bonkers over this. While I feel horrible that Breonna Taylor was caught in the crossfire the law states the officers were justified because of the same laws that were implemented during the “Clinton, Bush, Obama” era. These crime bills were signed, and passed thru the supreme court which was mostly what? Democrat!

The death of Breonna Taylor in itself is not justified as she did nothing to merit her dying, and it’s a tragic thing that happened to her but her sleep over companion who shot at the cops was also in the wrong. Simply put if cops with warrants storm into your house and announce themselves try to think before you shoot at them guys! Make sure you try to peacefully see what they want first I mean this will avoid things from escalating which leads to this outcome. I know people are itching to start a riot over this but remember these laws are not Trumps doing these were here before he got into office, and so to burn a city down because you have hate for Trump, and some how you blame him is irrational, and stupid. And it will not bring Breonna Taylor back. To destroy other peoples homes, and loot, and riot is not the answer, and never has been. We need to come together, and not allow the BLM/Antifa mob continue to tear us apart when something like this happens. What needs to happen is we need to due away with these crime bills BIDEN/CLINTON/OBAMA placed, and this is more reason why we need another conservative judge on the supreme court.

The laws need to be re worked so these sort of things don’t happen again but we cannot let the same mistakes keep happening, and they happen again, and again in democratic ran areas, and by laws written by democrats. This is one major reason why I walked away from the party. They don’t care about us. Remember I am a minority myself… I’m Latino, and everytime I see someone of any ethnic group shot, and or killed and the bills used that got them killed like this one makes it justified under the law I thank god we got Trump who’s been working to remove, and remove these bad laws. As a nation we all need to wake up, and walk away the left are bent one destroying the family homes, and they don’t care about human lives. These cops were sent in, and they did their job as told to them by the law as it is they’re covered by the law.

Shooting at cops is stupid folks you shouldn’t do it, and expect not to get shot back… This is also a major take away here… There is always innocent victims as a result.

But let’s not forget the media is lying to fuel a civil war in this country… Check this video below.

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