Literally WTF?

Now I think I’ve finally seen it all folks! Look I got no issues with gay people, and any letter in their alphabet. But this one video here will not just shock some of you! But it’s god damn sick… This is the new form of child abuse, and this is just not right or cool. The parent of this child needs to be investigated quick, and understand people there is nothing wrong being Trans but to have the drag culture doing this is not just wrong this involves children and is downright insane.

The American Library Association has invited drag queens into public libraries under the guise of “inclusivity” and it has now devolved into whatever the hell this is!

“Drag Queen Giving Lap Dance to Little Girl Goes Viral”

Matt Walsh is taking some heat for linking libertarian conservatism to the decline of Western culture, but is he wrong? The libertarians I know have zero concern for the morality of our nation. Some that I know don’t believe in any age of consent, nor do they believe pornography is harmful. If libertarian conservatives are against this they should loudly proclaim it and help us stop it immediately. Social conservatives have been sounding the warning bell for years that ignoring cultural decay will bring us into a hell we never imagined. I think we are here.

This little girl is being traumatized by adults who should know better. The “dancing” this drag queen is doing with his bottom hanging out of his shorts is undeniably sexual. The child is sitting in the center of the room as the focus of this display just like any bachelor would sit for a lap dance from a stripper. Her face is a mix of confusion and discomfort while a woman, who I assume is the creature who birthed her, is standing next to her wiggling and giggling while she allows her child to be enticed by a scantily clad man.

I would also like to say that the men sitting there laughing and clapping or watching this disaster without lifting a soy-weakened finger to help that child are not men. They are mere shadows of men with the anatomy and the appearance of males, but lacking the hearts of men whose purpose for being is to protect those weaker than them. They are an embarrassment to their sex, their community, and their Creator.

There aren’t enough words to rebuke a culture that would allow this blatant assault on childhood innocence.

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