WTF is a “Boogaloo Boy” ?

A “Boogaloo Boy” whatever that is has been charged for firing a gun and helping set fire to a Minneapolis police precinct during the initial George Floyd protests. Let’s see how they try to blame Trump for this one… The Star Tribune reports Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Boerne, Texas, allegedly fired an AK-47 at Minneapolis Police’s Third Precinct while yelling “Justice for George Floyd,” according to a federal complaint. The complaint also alleged that Hunter helped loot and set the precinct on fire. Hunter has been charged with one count of interstate travel to incite a riot for his role in sowing chaos during the initial protests surrounding Floyd’s death in late May. Funny this is making media coverage but not the amount of arrested “Antifa, and BLM” members which got released, and bailed out by mysterious backers. Some how the media forgets to cover that. But the complaint in this case included a sworn affidavit from the FBI, provides a detailed account of how the Boogaloo movement tried to capitalize on the George Floyd protests to incite more violence under the guise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

From the Star Tribune: “Unrest flared throughout Minneapolis following Floyd’s death, which was captured on a bystander’s cellphone video, causing Gov. Tim Walz to activate the Minnesota National Guard. As police clashed with protesters, Hunter and other members of the Boogaloo Bois discussed in private Facebook messages their plans to travel to Minneapolis and rally at the Cub Foods across from the third precinct, according to federal court documents. One of the people Hunter coordinated with posted publicly to social media: “Lock and load boys. Boog flags are in the air, and the national network is going off,” the complaint states.”

Two hours after the police precinct was set on fire, Hunter texted with another Boogaloo member in California, a man named Steven Carrillo. “Go for police buildings,” Hunter told Carrillo, according to charging documents. “I did better lol,” he replied.

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If Carrillo’s name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because he was the person allegedly responsible for shooting and killing a federal officer in Oakland, Calif. A criminal mastermind Hunter wasn’t, as the dude continually snitched on himself on social media. He posted such comments like, “I helped the community burn down that police station” and “I didn’t protest peacefully Dude…Want something to change? Start risking felonies for what is good.”

On June 11, only five days after Carrillo was arrested, Hunter posted “The BLM protesters in Minneapolis loved me [sic] fire team and I.” A fire team is apparently what a group of insecure dumb asses call themselves when they commit crimes against police. You know how I know cops are racist? The Boogaloo Boys have clearly demonstrated they’re more than willing to commit violence against police officers; Carrillo himself killed a police officer in the shootout trying to bring him in. There is a group of mostly white domestic terrorists explicitly stating their desire to harm police officers, and yet cops seem more outraged by the group of Black people who are loudly, but peacefully, asking you not to kill them.

Maybe the focus shouldn’t just be on Black Lives Matter and Antifa but also these Boogaloo Boys, and anyone eager to commit acts of domestic terrorism. Hunter told a confidential informant he would “go down shooting,” should police arrive, all that tough talk went out the window when the authorities eventually came through. He was arrested this week in San Antonio, Texas without incident and had his first court appearance on Thursday. I smell a set up here tho think about when this guy was arrested? During the last days of the election? How ironic huh?

In September, federal prosecutors charged two so called “Boogaloo Boy” members, including a Minnesotan, for trying to conspire with an international terror group as part of a plan to “use violence against the police, other government officials and government property as part of their desire to overthrow the government,” according to the Justice Department. Those men were allegedly on the scene during the civil unrest in the Twin Cities after Floyd was killed with witnesses telling the FBI the pair were heavily armed. During the first week of unrest in Minneapolis, Gov. Tim Walz and other state officials warned about outsiders and extremists who might be coming to Minnesota and using the protests as cover to foment violence. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Boogaloo Bois movement started in anti government racist online chat rooms early in the last decade. The term “boogaloo” is associated with a race war or second civil war. Alex Newhouse, who studies the movement at the Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism at Middlebury College in Vermont, wrote that administrators of Boogaloo social media forums actively supported the anti-racist and Black Lives Matter protests.

But Newhouse also says this support is solely opportunistic, and that the Boogaloo Bois see Black Lives Matter a “temporary ally or even a useful tool for sparking violence against the state.”

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