MLB World Series ⚾CHAMPIONS⚾ Nationals visit The White House

The Washington Nationals following their first World Series win in franchise history, the Washington Nationals visit the White House and President Donald Trump. In A historic day for the team, and city.

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While White House visits for championship sports teams became common in the past few decades, the ceremonies have become political lightning rods in recent years especially since Obama, and now Trump took office. Which is dumb because if you’re a player who is on a winning team this might be the only chance you have in life to visit The White House, and meet a sitting President. I don’t care what political party you’re on that’s cool to be able to say you did all that in life, and not that you were some moron sitting at home watching your teammates live out a dream. An American SPORTS DREAM! Millions of people in this country wish they could be in the place to do this themselves.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2018 Super Bowl win, Trump canceled the visit hours before its scheduled start time and instead held a ceremony in the Rose Garden in which the national anthem was played, and after he was asked to be locked up and booed at one of the games I thought the President wouldn’t have done this today… But I’m happy he did, and happy it’s happening so those fans could learn a lesson in manners from their own team.

No NBA team that has won the NBA Finals since Trump took office has been invited to the White House… And that’s because it’s been mostly the WARRIORS, and they have been talking crap since they been winning but that dynasty is over, and they are not losers, and won’t be back anyway.

So next season fans remember this day when after all your booing, and nonsense your team went, and shook hands with the PRESIDENT, and yes the same one you wanted to lock up, and remove from office over a hoax created by evil socialists who want to destroy the AMERICAN DREAM.

Trump has taken to serving fast food to some sports champions, particularly NCAA football and basketball champions. The spreads often are a hit among college athletes, and they loved it! Following the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup championship in 2011, goalie Tim Thomas chose not to accept then-President Barack Obama’s White House invitation to visit the White House, citing political differences. So these things happen.

They shouldn’t but they do…

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