Woman Tells Biden She Was Given a Scripted Question to Ask Him “I Was Told to Go Off This Paper, But I Can’t”

So after racist Sniffing Joe Biden said he would go to Kenosha, and then he backed out and canceled to only change his mind again after Donald Trump had a very successful trip to Kenosha. He finally arrived in Kenosha, where he took questions from random people at the event. Or so we’re lead to think! Now we know part of the script being used is well SCRIPTS! LOL Literally! One of the people picked to ask Joe a question walked up to the mic and told Joe that she was told to go off a piece of paper, but she couldn’t. She wanted to speak from her heart, instead. See folks to this man it’s not real. He’s so lost he needs scripted questions! The woman herself seemed very nice and sincere, and she did speak from her heart. I may not agree with everything said, but I would think what she said was much better than the canned scripted question Biden’s awful campaign advisors had written for her. Here’s the woman’s entire comment:

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Folks here it is! The Biden campaign is a “a magic show” an act. There’s nothing real about it. He’s a mentally slipping man whose nothing but a leftist puppet, being propped up by a bunch of campaign aides who are terrified that someone will ask Joe a real/tough question and blow the lid off the whole facade. I don’t know how he’s going to handle himself at the debates, because Trump can smell this weakness and he’ll pounce. Hard. I doubt they’re going to debate I do think Biden will fake having Covid19 in order to get out of it, and only to come out right by the election day as a survivor! What a shit face loser… Hope he proves me wrong. I’d love to see them debate.

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