Will GEORGE LUCAS Return to save STAR WARS?

GEORGE LUCAS started STAR WARS in the 70s, and now as KATHLEEN KENNEDY is “LEAVING” or being PUSHED OUT on her ass for pretty much not just producing the worst era in Star Wars history, and the most hated 4 Billion Dollar franchise in history! But for echoing in some of the worst agenda driven politics in a franchise that didn’t need it. She’s said to be lobbying for work with the WB & Bad Robot which is a J.J. ABRAMS company as we know.

This new information again comes from the “future ruler of Earth,” no not me! Not Trump but another major player in the cosmos the one and only! Not UFO Phil even tho he’s my best friend ever, and is ruler of the planet now as we know it! But the one man I’m talking about is “Doomcock,” Yes folks big helmet man himself from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel, who has recently provided rumors about Disney resetting Star Wars, and this does go somewhat with other sources I have within Lucasfilms directly which have told me directly that yes Keneddy is all but gone, and I can confirm that much myself. But Doomcock also has his rumored soures and they’re confirming it to him a few months AFTER I got my word… I’ve known this since before Rise of Skywalker that she would be gone but Disney couldn’t find at the time a full time replacement, and they were already back as early as mid production on “Rise of Skywalker” onboard with ditching Kennedy, and looking for a producer to replace her. This is what lead to most of her meddling into the production which on the final product. She sabotaged it on her way out the door pretty much.

But Doomcock like my source claimed that George Lucas could be back at Star Wars to save the day; in Doomcock’s latest update in regards to the “civil war” taking place at LucasFilm includes that numerous sources have filled in that his information is true. Out of respect for her tho since she’s got a name in the industry and she’s well known for her political agenda Disney doesn’t just want to fire her so they’re letting Kathleen Kennedy surrendering role as the head of LucasFilm, and moving on when her contract ends. “No, it is most assuredly not BS,” says Doomcock, and when sources are asked if Kathleen Kennedy is indeed gone, they replied, “Yes.”

“Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have come to an arrangement and Kathleen Kennedy will soon be departing from LucasFilm. Indeed, in practical terms, she is already effectively out,” says Doomcock who offers specifics on Kennedy’s departure from Disney Lucasfilm are not known. But I can confirm from my own sources again that this is exactly what’s happened. “If the information is true, it appears that Kathleen Kennedy has or will be surrendering her role as the head of LucasFilm and leaving the flaming wreckage of Star Wars behind,” said Doomcock. Now Kathleen Kennedy leaving Star Wars for J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot I don’t know if this will happen as JJ doesn’t seem to happy with the way he’s also now viewed on by fans thanks to her. But Doomcock said he also offers a rumor that he has heard that he says to take with a big grain of salt which is that Kathleen Kennedy is in talks with Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams’ production company, which is developing content for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service as well as Apple TV Plus (Abrams directed The Force Awakens and returned to try to fix things with The Rise fo Skywalker for Kennedy).

JJ Abrams really tried to give fans a great start to the franchise but her meddling, and Rian Johnsons middle movie handcuffed him so badly that the trilogy was doomed since. Also she’s responsible for the biggest flop in SW history in SOLO a movie nobody wanted, and with the wrong actor hand picked to play the title role of Han Solo. The movie had a shit storyline, horrible cast, and a mess all around. Not even Ron Howard who might have forever damaged his reputation in just being the director brought in to fix a bad film. He sadly failed to understand some facts. Like the main actor nobody liked, and the cast sucked, and so did the script… IF They were to do a SOLO prequel movie set in the exact timeline as that of the movie A NEW HOPE then the role should go to someone who looks like Harrison Ford, and sounds like him. Like an Anthony Ingruber who was born for the role, and by passed for the actor who landed the Solo role, and made himself, and the part look idiotic, and stupid.

should have never played the role of Solo! But I got more on that whole mess in a second. But to continue on what Doomcock also previously offered that Kennedy might be leaving Lucasfilm to start her own female-centric production company, so perhaps that could tie into with Abrams’ Bad Robot. Who knows what we do know is that Disney wants George Lucas to save Star Wars, and I’m 100% in favor of this afterall we all were gitty as fans when we heard that he was brought in to help in Rise of Skywalker and there is an entire alternate cut that falls more in line with is ideas which again Kathleen Keneddy didn’t like, and didn’t want used… She really fucked up STAR WARS which is why I don’t think WB or JJ will bring her along. She’s just bad news for films now, and WB is trying to fix their own hot mess… Personally if I was the WB I’d stop brigning in all the failure from Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilms over and focus on having talented film makers with fresh new ideas who love their product bring them to life. Same I say about Marvel and Disney.

But in terms of fixing it well if you’re going to have anyone coming in and doing their best from the past the master or “FATHER” of the franchise George Lucas is the one exception to the rule… To me and many he’s a film GOD, and he’s loved by us even those who didn’t like the prequels love them over the Sequels, and there is no doubt that Rose Tico is worse than JJ Binks! By far… lol

But also, it’s claimed Disney wants George Lucas to take the reins from Kathleen Kennedy and save Star Wars which is both what I heard, and was told, and now Doomcock got the same word told to him.

“Disney investors have been trying to get George Lucas back for a few months now,” explains Doomcock. “Up until a few weeks ago, Lucas would change the subject when asked about returning, avoiding the topic, or responding in a noncommital way. Well, about three weeks ago, they asked Lucas point-blank, ‘What would it take to get you on board with heading up Lucasfilm?’ Allegedly, George Lucas said this: ‘If I were to return, I have four conditions that would have to be met.'”

The four conditions George Lucas wants from Disney to return to Star Wars includes:

  • Condition #1: I get to make my Sequel Trilogy.
  • Condition #2: I have full creative power until I decide to hand it off.
  • Condition #3: Kathleen Kennedy is gone.
  • Condition #4: Disney agrees to never ever mess with the original trilogy, leaving it untouched.

Doomcock offers that Lucas closed out the communication with Disney noting that none of this is negotiable, which saw Disney respond: “So when do you start?” George Lucas, the new head of Lucasfilm with Jon Favreau under him would be the ideal thing and would make fans all around very happy! Which is ironic since Happy is the name that “Favreau” plays in the MCU. And he’s seen as the view of the fans kinda in that franchise as he’s got no super powers but he’s also always helping IRON MAN as his best friend, and his own personal “Alfred” type. You know from Batman.

Doomcock also goes over previous information he has been given in regards to Jon Favreau, as rumors offer Favreau could be the new head of Lucasfilm once George is done, and this would again make us all very Happy… “The current proposal is that George Lucas would be the head of Lucasfilm,” says Doomcock. “Jon Favreau would be put in charge of developing original content for Disney Plus while a third unnamed individual would be put in charge of movie production at LucasFilm. All of these people ultimately under the authority of Lucas who will set in motion a new era for Star Wars, The Star Wars Verse.” I myself Angel Espino have written an outline for a trilogy of movies which would retcon the sequels as we have them now, and it’s not hard to do but if the MASTER himself “Lucas” is indeed brought back I would love to see what he has in mind for the fans. Doomcock and a lot of people myself included think the third person to be onboard would be head of Marvel Kevin Feige? But he’s got a lot too on his hands with Marvel. I think Dave Filoni would be more ideal since he’s also well liked by fans, and has done good work in SW for years, and was a man who learned about SW from Lucas himself over decades.

Doomcock goes over the information he has been told and sums up what is perceived to be happening with the ouster of Kennedy that also involves a cut of Skywalker that George Lucas put together by saying that “Disney is deeply unhappy with how Star Wars has underperformed under Kennedy’s leadership and they resolve not to renew her contract in 2021, but then bigwigs saw the Lucas Cut and flipped out about how much money Disney lost by not releasing that cut of the film this past Christmas instead of the Abrams Cut,” says Doomcock. “They blame Kennedy for the decision to shelve the Lucas Cut so they decide to apply pressure to possibly get Kennedy out even sooner than 2021 and recruit George Lucas to save the day.” Not to mention folks that like a lot of studios during this pandemic Disney is in very, very serious financial difficulties right now, and similar to what is being reported on sites like CosmicBook.News was that state of the movie industry in general is in danger, and theaters are hurting badly, and Doomcock says that “Disney is in very, very serious financial difficulties,” and he says they might not want to wait until 2022 to fix things, with the big announcement expected at Star Wars Celebration.

“[Disney] may not be able to wait until 2022 to start righting the ship,” says Doomcock. “They need a hero now, and that hero is George Lucas.” So with that said guys expect some very “Big changes coming to Disney with Star Wars” in the future, and Doomcock also touched upon the notion that all his information and rumors might not be legit, as another source says George Lucas might not want to be the new head of Lucasfilm with all the responsibility and work required (Lucas is 76-years-old) but says Lucas could always take on some sort of advisory role, could consult or even write scripts; however, Doomcock says the source that filled him in about Lucas’ four ultimatums above in regards to returning to Star Wars is sticking with what he has been told. Now if Lucas was to comeback I doubt he would direct but to write the stories, set up the timelines to be more focused on the original films, and his ideas.

Doomcock does bring up a good point in that regardless of whether the information is 100% right on the money, that things are “rapidly changing” at Disney and Lucasfilm and that Kennedy is most likely out with a new team coming on board to save Star Wars in 2022 or sooner. One little rumore which also just popped up deals with the role of Lando which was in the movie Solo which I said here I would get back to. Well it looks like Rumores are that Disney wants to bring back the actor who played Lando in Solo one Mr who was horrible in the role, and even Billy Dee Williams himself took shots at his version of the role, and how it just wasn’t Lando. Again bringing in ANYONE or anything from that movie is a major mistake, and that film along with the sequel trilogy needs to just be removed from cannon, and never released or seen again. Forget they exist at all.

But the report started as far as I can tell over on Star Wars YouTube fan site Kessel Run Transmissions saying that Donald Glover has signed or is close to signing a new deal to return as Lando. No further details are known but back in February saw it said that the upcoming Star Wars project from J.D. Dillard and Matt Owens might be for Lando. Likewise, in April it was rumored that Disney is developing two new Star Wars shows for Disney Plus, with one involving Lando Calrissian, which would see Donald Glover star, with it also said the show could possibly feature Darth Maul. Both major mistakes if done for this reason, and this alone. This would make it so the movie SOLO is still cannon, and again that movie was a cluster fuck of garbage, and hated by so many that it was the first SW movie to ever BOMB! Solo debuted in 2018 and dealt with the origins of Han Solo and Lando, but it tanked big time at the box office fetching less than $400 million worldwide leading to Disney putting a big hold on new Star Wars releases on the big screen. Donald Glover’s portrayal as Lando also didn’t come without a bit of controversy as original actor, Billy Dee Williams, has stated that while he is a fan of Glover, the way Lando was portrayed in Solo was to his exact likeness.

“To me, I’m Lando. I love that Donald Glover. He’s a brilliant young man. But his hair was not how I thought of Lando,” Williams told Rolling Stone. “He was more Afrocentric with his hair. I have nothing against that. But when I created Lando, he was beyond all of that.”

Williams also had issues with Lando’s relationship with the droid, L3-37: “I think that’s the reason they didn’t have the success they could have had. Because they were going for something that was topical, instead of an adventure that’s far beyond those questions. If you’re talking about this huge, incredible story, why lock yourself into this tiny moment between a character like Lando and his robot friend?”

Donald Glover’s Lando has also been described as pansexual, which Williams took an issue with: “Well, first of all, I asked last night. I said, ‘What the hell is gender fluid?’ That’s a whole new term,” Williams told Esquire. “But what I was talking about was about men getting in touch with their softer side of themselves.”

Again if Disney is serious about making the fans happy ditch this idea which is stupid, and leave the SOLO movie dead along with the “sequels” and move on with leaving those in a fire somewhere like the body of Vader was left to roast in the end of Return of the Jedi. SLOW BURN baby! Let those evil movies die. Besides why waste money, and resources on shit nobody wants? Why not make a movie series or streaming series we all want like the one we’ve been vocal about for years now! KENOBI! We want more on KENOBI!!!!! I mean that should have been the movie they did not SOLO… Bring back Ewan as Obi Wan, and we the fans would lose our shit in joy!

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