Who has been a better POTUS during his first 2 months in office?

HE Did more than Trump… Closed up a major win of a trade Trump made deal which was making us Billions with 1 executive order. But as I was on Fakebook today I noticed these post from a “Tommy Crane” & “SAM RICE” who posted them memes, and thought I’d reply. That replay became this post as I found the memes hilarious in a very funny, deranged with TDS group on Fakebook. These people are clueless to facts, science, reality, data, and well good human decent moral and character. Let alone moral ethic as they got none.

But this is the meme below, and please this is from someone being serious?

With another executive order let’s remember folks he closed down a pipeline which would have given Mexico/USA/Canada BILLIONS in revenue over the next decade, and possibly over 90K jobs in that area alone! When you consider not just the folks building the pipeline but the truckers who would now have more work, the local bussinesses which would see a major uptick in revenue in hotel, lodges, truck stops, restaurants, and all sorts of mom and pop places which are the backbone of these local areas. All that gone within 1 executive order. Also Mexico, and Canada will be in the red for BILLIONS thanks to this major blunder by Biden.

This pipeline which would have made us fuel independant for the next 100 years easily which buys us time to make a smooth logical transition into another source of planet substaning energy… Which is not currently available unless the ALIENS tech have been subpress, and they plan to roll that out as a big holiday surprise to us all! But back to reality here all this did was put money back into CHINA/IRAN/ARABS/RUSSIAN/VENEZUELA who will now ship us dirty fuel, and make our gas prices skyrocket once more. (My regular gas is now up from 2.08 just in JAN 2021 to 3.10 now…………. GET THIS! IN Tanks which hurt the enviroment which again goes against everything the left claims they believe in. In the words of GRETA! Wait just let her say it… lol

No wait that’s not what I was thinking she would say… But makes sense I mean she’s like 20 and looks 14? How does that work? But this! This is more like what I was thinking…

Ok now that’s more like what I thought she would say… But once again I have to say thanks BIDEN! I love paying more for gas, and having dirty fossil fuel coming in from communist places which say things like “Death to America” as a slogan. These are all great things which we all wanted, and didn’t know we needed. Because the very country we’re in is evil didn’t you know? This is why so many illegals want to come here because they love EVIL, and want to be ruled by such evil like “Freedom of Speech”, “Rights to Bare Arms”, “Freedom of religion”, “Freedom of Choice”, “Voting Rights”, and so on.. Who wants those things anyway?

Another thing which is of upmost importance to the people instead of giving us all covid-19 help with the $2k checks he promissed he cut it down to a 1 time $1,400 check and took 2 months to do it, and also it’s only 9% of the overall package he signed which mostly went to help blue states which helped kill thousands of people last year during the “Summer of Love” and whos govorners “Pepe LeCuomo, Teddy “Big boy” Wheeler, Lori BeetleJuice Lightfoot, and Gretchen Witchmore” all had a hand in on. While also sending more money to other countries to help them abort babies cause nothing says “we care about saving human lives like lets abort and murder more babies…”
And I almost forgot he made it possible so transgender men can pee, and poo next to your real life daughts because follow the science folks! Follow the science. There is not just a MALE/FEMALE gender/sex anymore. Now we have 492 diferent ones, and it’s a list that grows on a daily basis. Sort of like string theory… So again let’s FOLLOW THE SCIENCE. These socialist/democRATS are all about the science let’s not forget.

But the amazing work done so far by this misAdministration is amazing. So amazing that he doesn’t even need to take questions from the press almost 2 months in! And he says nothing which hasn’t been scripted by a staff. How dare he be like Trump who would do a Press Q/A on a daily basis, and took the hard questions from the Press daily. Thank god the press doesn’t ask Biden any hard questions I mean not like they get many chances but even when they do he’s such a great guy that why ask him like about how his son Hunter is doing with his crack, and child love addictions? Or how his mental health is since he’s clearly declining from mental illness? OR how about his actual Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine which the media has sweept under the rug? How he is going to deal with Covid19 other than more lockdowns, and masks mandates which someone should let him know we’ve had been doing since 2020 when the shit hit the fan.
He forgets things I mean he’s got so much on his mind, and so he keeps telling us that like we have not been already doing it. I made the mistake of going into staples yesterday to buy something didn’t have a mask on, and was sent out by the manager to get my mask on or I wouldn’t get help, and it’s not “Manadatory” in FL to wear a mask.

So what planet Joe Bidens basement is on it’s clearly not on planet Earth. He must be on Mars or Venus or maybe Uranus? But if he were actually living on this planet maybe he would know that we’re already been having masks mandates even in places that it’s not “LAW MANDATED” but what do I know?

But now let’s look at the meme by SAM Rice… LOL

Democrats wouldn’t give out stimulus checks for months last year because they didn’t want to have them handed out in with Trumps name on it. While he was able to squeeze out 2 from the grasp of Evil Nasty Nazi Pelosi. Oh, and don’t forget that the only reason we’re getting 1,400 bucks is to keep us talking about that, and not notice the pork and b/s the democRATS are pushing in this bill. 9% goes in stimulus aide. The rest is pure crazy not needed spending.

How is spending BILLIONS in Abortions in other countries good for us in stimulus need? NOTHING but the left spin forgets to mention the wasted tax money all sent to the friends of Nasty Pelosi, and her evil leftist.

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