Who forces tears? Besides Andrew Yang?

I’ve cried a lot of times in my life… When I first saw my new born Niece I cried, when she got married 25 years later I cried, when I lost in sports I cried, when I broke up with a girlfriend I cried, when I broke a bone in my leg I cried, when I lost my mother I cried hard. ONE Pattern I noticed. TEARS! Every Time I’ve ever cried my face goes red, and tears, and sometimes snot comes out the nose. But I never have to force it! Check out Andrew Yang here as he forces himself to cry. Now he eventually does cry but it’s like he is geared up for the moment. More like “acting” than real tears.

When you cry but I’ve never cried dry and all of a sudden I had my eyes get watery and I can control my voice without missing a beat just a few seconds later but hey we each cry our own way? But I’ve never recovered from breaking down so emotionally from something “tragic” that I recovered like Andrew Yang who managed to get all emotional, and start to cry then goes right into sales pitch. He literally shed very few tears for how “emotional her story made him,” and he even had to cover his face for a couple of seconds so he could cry, and make some weird noise.

This to me looks more like a planted question, and bad acting. But what do I know I’ve just actually cried before.

In this video which somehow he’s supposed to sell us that he’s going to make us all safer by removing our guns, and or changing our laws or how to make our guns safer which nobody is against. But this is how it starts, and again folks this is all about taking our guns away. The number 1 thing which connects ALL mass shootings is MENTAL ILLNESS, and the conditioning of the culture around people. You have this constant media hate one way you’re going to spark reactions from people especially crazy people. But anyone who wants to harm others will find a way to do so. Guns or not…

Remember. Criminals don’t care about gun laws! They will have guns, and so will the government if they have their way, and we the people will have none to defend yourself legally. Also this is always coming from the left, and as we all know they push for “illegal immigration” they love this country so much they want anyone to come in so “open borders, and no guns” for the citizens of this country, and the illegals will now have all if not more rights then the legal folks if DemoncRATS have their way.

Come 2020 folks it’s clear you cannot vote for a single one of these democrats running for ANY position politically. They’re all fake as hell! I’m not saying she didn’t lose her child while her question sounded rehearsed, what I’m saying is HE didn’t really cry, and was acting, and used or exploited a possible real victim of a mothers loss of a child with fake tears. By the way folks when someone says “those are just numbers those are just the facts.” But doesn’t give a source normally they’re lying to you.

Most people will never fact check the information… More kids die in car accidents than guns! This is a fact like she said however sadly guns are the 2nd thing tied to children dying in this country but they run 2nd to car accidents… Question what’s next? You want to ban cars also? Oh wait they sort of do don’t they with the “Green New Deal?” Most of the time it’s the parent or owner of the gun who makes a mistake or leaves the gun exposed when the child hurts or kills themselves. This isn’t the guns fault it’s the owners.

Here is a source…
Firearms were the second leading cause of deaths among children and adolescents in 2016, according to the researchers. Overall, there was a 28% relative increase in the rate of firearm deaths among U.S. children, likely driven by a 32% increase in firearm homicides and a 26% increase in firearm suicides, the researchers said. They found that the odds of a child being killed by a firearm are 36 times higher in the United States than in other high-income countries.

The researchers also noted that recently-released 2017 data show firearm-related deaths among U.S. children are continuing to rise. “One in three U.S. homes with youth under 18 years of age has a firearm, with 43% of homes reporting that the firearm is kept unlocked and loaded, which increases the risk of firearm injuries,” the researchers wrote.

Like I said it’s not the guns but the parents… People be careful if you own a gun they’re not toys, and not to be kept laying around. We don’t need laws for that just more people to be responsible.

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