What the world needs now… Unity, and love. 🌎❤️

We live in a moment in time where we could either head down the path of savage animals that Antifa, and BLM would like us to become. OR we could continue to grow as people, evolve, and one day venture out to the stars as a peaceful race of Humans. Perhaps join our galactic siblings out there, and one day learn about our true place in all things universal.

But like most babies we need to learn crawl, than to walk before we can take on running, and beyond. Scientist Michio Kaku said we’re a type ZERO civilization on the cusp of either becoming a type 1 or killing ourselves. He spoke about the 3 types of Civilizations which we’re not near yet if you havent heard check out his video below.

But to get to what he talks about we need to stop all this hate, war, terrorist behavior, and mentality. So it’s not going to be easy. But when I see a video like the one below it gives me a glimpse of hope. I wont see the changes and wont be around when the planet becomes galactic! But the video below showing a young man showing an old timer respect, and some love is exactly what we need in this time, and place.

That young man is a hero, and all Alonzo Johnson did was help one 83-year-old man frozen in fear… And that’s all 1 person has to do sometimes to move a movement in the right direction. America isn’t this horrible racist place the DemocRATS like to have you think. Most people, like you and me, don’t live life in this “identity politics” bubble. And ironically, the liberals, who are calling the rest of us “racist” are the real bigots, and the swamp is starting to war with itself.

Just look at Jimmy Kimmel…he’s spent the past four years calling Trump and anyone who supported him “racist” while he had made blackface videos and mocked black people for sport… Look at Ellen, Harvey Weinstein, and all the evil people who are now being exposed! Hope you liked that video, and if you didn’t get the feels from it you’re not human. 🙂

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