Wait so Hillary didn’t win any vote count? hmmm

“Ted Cruz and Robert Epstein dig up dirt on Google/Clinton ELECTION COLLUSION!”

Some Say the HILLS have eyes! And in this case Hillary had the rig via Google, and Facebook in her side, and she still lost the 2016 election but now we know that she didn’t even come close to winning in the actual “votes” and may have lost by 2-10 Million or more votes because the “RIG” by her wasn’t just with Russia!

No no no it involved our very own “Google” and who knows “Facebook” and other social medias which might have helped? We know the leftist media like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and such helped her big, and still cover for her until now. But really folks don’t be lied to or conned by anyone who says “she won the popular vote.”

Because she really didn’t have more votes, and lost period. She was so bad she couldn’t beat a rigged election which favored her 100% and thus this is why she’s at home blaming everyone but herself right now.

Ted Cruz speaks to “Robert Epstein” in Congress over voter fraud, and what he uncovers folks should SHOCK everyone, and should shed light on the real “collusion” going on here. This video YOU MUST SEE!

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