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Welcome to this weeks edition of Skywatchers Radio with Angestar-wars-force-awakens-official-posterl, Crystal, and Alan the other guy. With Nancy Birnes, Chris Brown, and Jesse Randolph who all hung out with us.

This week we talk Star Wars, and celebrate the Force being back! We tried hard to stay spoiler free for as much as possible. BUT well you’ve been warned if you haven’t seen the movie yet skip over our STAR WARS portion of the start of the show. The movie is tearing up the boxoffice, and we all seen it on the show, and have a ton to say about it. We all loved the film, and I (Angel) for one think it’s probably the best right there with Empire Strikes Back.

12391280_10153900160044260_6292788262328888620_nPlus the holiday known as Festivus! Yes tonight there will be an airing of grievances. We will have Our weekly Nancy Birnes experience, and News man Christopher J Brown will join us as we don’t have news to go over this week but he will air out some of his own grievances.

There will be FEATS of STRENGTHS! Well verbally anyway since we’re on the air… The show was a ton of fun, and we had a great time with Ward who we would like to talk to again, and his story is an interesting one. Hope you all enjoy the show tonight, and hope you all enjoyed the movie! GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN’T YET!!!!

Guest BIO:
Ward Weinheimer. has footage he’s taken of aliens in his FL home. He said his mother(85), daughter(22) and he are all willing to take polygraphs and do whatever to prove that my story and videos are real and true.

“These are historic videos. No one has ever captured an alien encounter on camera. Not only that but willing to come out and use my name. (All of the fake videos always are anonymous.)

And be willing to take polygraphs and let video and computer experts go over the videos. I was a guest on Late Night in the Midlands radio show. Dr.J made a video of some of my content. (Unfortunately not a very good one.) I was featured on the Cryptozoology News website. ”

Aliens caught on camera: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4…j5TCuW2e-65fkzGB3

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