W/ Walter Bosley

Join us as we are honored to welcome Walter Bosley to the show!

Walter is a private investigator, author, publisher & filmmaker. He’s the author of “Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora”, an investigative work in which he has discovered the fate of a western icon and revealed the identity of the mysterious airship masters known as ‘NYMZA’.

Walter is a former AFOSI agent, worked for the FBI as a counterintelligence specialist, and has been a corporate personnel security consultant working internationally. In 2002, he founded the small press adventure fiction publishing label ‘Lost Continent Library’ with which he also published an acclaimed e-zine from 2008-2009. Since then, Walter has also written and directed microbudget films, a Las Vegas show, and this summer Redstar Films of Nova Scotia will be releasing ‘Damnation’, a film based on one of his stories.

Walter is a licensed PI in California and provides expert surveillance services to other firms, and also investigates local mysteries with paranormal and occult elements.


Empire of the Wheel II:

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