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Join Crystal, Alan, and Chris and the impromptu return of Angel as they welcome to Skywatchers Radio, Tom Schaefer.

Tom is a science fiction author of the book “Tu & The Collectors” which talks about disclosure, mass colonization, and the imagining of mankind migrating to a larger Earthlike planet.

(See http://tuandthecollectors.com/)

12938364_1074944865911239_3515284245516614954_nThe book talks about how technology is evolving towards a money-less economy, and how imaginary technologies like replication may already be in the works.

Tom Schaefer, born 9/11/1958, was given up for adoption at 2 yrs of age, and grew up in the 1970’s in the midwest, with his twin brother Tim, in a suburb of St. Louis, MO., in a highly religious middle class family.(Now atheist).

Studied electronics in high school, and then joined the Navy in 1976. Served in the Submarine service aboard the USS Pogy (http://usspogy647.com/) as a mechanic. Not happy with the Navy, got out of the Navy and started a photography career, but also went on to studying electronics and computer engineering. Started a family and worked primarily in the computer business as a repair tech, but migrated into systems administration and was one of the earliest advocates for Linux. He currently does web development as his primary means of support.

Tom’s interest in UFOlogy began in the 1990’s, with USENET groups like alt.conspiracy.area51. His UFOlogy interest was reignited as a new wave of sightings began to happen durng the 1990’s and early 2000’s with sighting in Mexico, as well as long running TV shows like X-Files and Ancient Aliens.

Around 2005, Tom reignited his passion for photography, which was later recognized by The Brickell Gallery in Miami and presented by them at the City Of Miami’s 114th birthday party in 2010 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Tom’s also been involved in several music related projects (production, photography and even a little songwriting) with musicians in Nashville TN. Tom’s been a long time Star Trek fan, but never really impressed with Star Wars.

Tom started writing science fiction back in 2013 with his first novel, “Tu & The Collectors” which was released back on Sept 11, 2014. He’s got additional Tu related books in production – “Tu: Aforetime” (prequel) and “Tu: Mayorga”.

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