Terrell Copeland

Terrell Copeland

My name is Terrell Copeland I am a Marine Corps veteran from Virginia who, for ten years, has had experiences that are very similar to other people who refer to themselves as experiencers or abductees. I have seen several different types of craft, and recently, I had the honor to be on board one of them. For those of you who are familiar with my story, then you know that like many people, I am on a personal journey that I believe involves possible alien contact.

I am reporting truthful experiences I have had in a short period of time; with the hope that others who have had similar experiences will join together and become what we are supposed to be. One people and one race: the human race. Most people are not aware of this particular event I am sharing here on the Alien Jigsaw Web site because it occurred after my first television interview was taped. I only mentioned it to my parents and a few close acquaintances that see me on a daily basis.

I have made physical contact with my “other family.” I won’t call them ETs or aliens, because that’s not an appropriate characterization at this point for me. They are truly my family and I love them. In late February of 2008, I fell asleep on my living room couch as I usually do, but I woke up in an entirely different place. I was in a very bright, very large room that reminded me of a dining hall. There were hundreds of people inside this room and many were eating off of small square or rectangular shaped trays that were silver, but I don’t remember exactly what they were eating. Some of the people were just mingling and talking. Others were sitting down at tables eating. They appeared to be using mundane utensils, but I am not certain what they looked like.

I also think I saw a group of people drinking something out of white glasses. Everyone was young looking and appeared to be in their twenties like me. There were all races represented too: Black, white, et cetera. I felt kind of awkward for a minute because I was the only person wearing underclothes. Everyone else was wearing one-piece uniforms that appeared to be white or a light color. The atmosphere in the room was extremely warm and friendly and I really felt at home there. Someone was standing beside me on my left holding my hand and showing me around. No one else really seemed to notice me.

I didn’t see who my escort was, but the Being was most likely what is referred to as a “Grey.” I understand that I was not allowed to see their face, most probably because mentally, I’m still not ready for that. As I was being escorted, I looked down at a table directly in front of me and I saw a strange woman. She was Caucasian looking, but she was bald and had an elongated skull and the usual black eyes.├»┬┐┬ŻHer eyes seemed to reflect the light. When I saw her, my heart jumped and I had no memory of anything after that moment. My heart didn’t jump out of fright, just out of surprise because I was not expecting to see her.

The next thing I remember is standing on my balcony waving goodbye to a silver cylindrical shaped craft. This ship was approximately 30 to 40 feet long and had a row of black windows. I was very sad when I was waving at the ship because I really wanted to stay there with people who I believe are my real brothers and sisters. Again, even though they were all different races of people, they all appeared to be my age. I didn’t want to go, but at the same time, I knew I would see them again. When the ship took off, there was a loud ├»┬┐┬Żboom├»┬┐┬Ż and the sound startled me, and I woke up on the couch. I am sure that these events took place. The reason I hold this “dream” to be so significant is because I never go outside on this balcony.

There isn’t a rail around the balcony on that floor, and tenants who are caught out there can be evicted or given a ticket by the police. In addition, my home theater speakers are located in front of the window and they always face outwards and away from the window so I can hear the sound. After I had this “dream,” my speakers were tucked neatly away from the window and facing inward. Unless I somehow moved them in my sleep, I feel that I was actually up there with my brothers and sisters!

This next event may have been a normal occurrence, but I documented this because of earlier experiences, such as the one above that were definitely abnormal. Sometime in late September or early October of 2007, I started to experience missing time. This occurred two nights in a row. I woke up at exactly 3:08 a.m. on both mornings, but I lost track of two hours (each day) that seemed to vanish instantly. I consider these events to be possible abductions because the second time I lost time, my body felt very hot and I heard beeping sounds in my right ear.

I also had a sighting of unusual lights that I photographed using my cell phone. It was an orb of light — just a big ball of light. It wasn’t moving. One of the orbs was solid white and the other was directly across the street from it, 300 feet above the ground and it was changing colors very rapidly. I thought, “This is this is not usual. Something’s wrong here. Maybe I am in over my head. I’m not supposed to be looking at this stuff. After I recorded this sighting, there was a daytime incident during which someone was trying to enter my apartment.

I experienced temporary paralysis and I could only move my eyes. I felt that these individuals or Beings were using telepathy to speak to me through the door. I had my firearm near me and I was thinking that I would get up and investigate. I then heard a voice say, You don’t need that weapon. We won’t harm. Keeping A Journal On April 26th of 2008, I finally decided to begin recording my possible abduction experiences in a journal because that morning I experienced something similar to the two nighttime events aforementioned. I woke up suddenly out of a dead sleep to find myself temporarily paralyzed and convulsing very violently.

It seemed as if I was having a seizure or something. My head felt like it was moving 100 mph. I stopped convulsing after about 15 seconds, and then I was able to move. I felt the same intense heat that I did once before and I also heard a hissing or very loud breathing sound. I turned around quickly to see if anyone was there, but when I looked around, I could not see anyone. After seeing these objects and experiencing these things; and after I did the research and realized there are so many people who have experienced the same things I have — I had to admit to myself that maybe there is really something to this.

I just want to be a better person because I feel if someone from above took notice of me, then maybe I’m doing something right. And if I’m doing something right, maybe I can do it even better. Awakening The Consciousness of Others This is only my personal theory, but my overall feeling is that something of great significance is going to happen here on the Earth as was forecast-ed by the ancient prophets. Natural disasters on the planet have gone awry over the last three years; especially in 2008. I feel that the Beings are going to reveal themselves to the people of Earth and they will “collect” whomever they see fit.

After this occurs, some form of destruction will occur, perhaps naturally or caused by these Beings. I believe some of us are here to awaken the consciousness of others and prepare the masses of people on our planet for these Beings├»┬┐┬Ż arrival. Kay Wilson’s Notes The above illustrations of the triangular shaped craft are from Terrell’s many sightings he has had throughout his life. According to Terrell, the illustration of the mushroom shaped craft below with the green edge is from a “very vivid dream.” Terrell Copeland├»┬┐┬Żs first major interview about his encounters was with the History Channel UFO Hunters. The program aired on April 2, 2008, and was filmed in November 2007 and early February 2008.

UFO Hunters (Episode #14) Terrell second major interview was with ABC News Primetime Story (20/20) and was titled Outsiders: Abducted by Aliens: Believers Tell Their Stories (August 2009). The program also included author and abductee Stan Romanek and his wife Lisa, twins Audrey and Debbie (last names and locations to remain confidential), Stace Tussel, and Starborn Support. As with ABC as previous attempts to tackle this subject (by the late Peter Jennings) this program was a complete sham. The abductee-experiencers were treated disrespectfully and their encounters were cut and pasted to fit ABC prearranged script. ABC’s Juju Chang and Jim Dubreuil├» treatment of the abductees who participated, and their handling of the subject of abductions, were blasted by ufologists and abduction researchers throughout the community and on the Internet as a mockery…and a prostitution of the truth.

Terrell Copeland Reaction I will say briefly that I am disappointed in ABC’s airing tonight. There were clear discrepancies and lies in what was shown to you. The accounts were showcased as evil and malevolent and the people giving those accounts (including myself) were basically labeled as delusional. My deepest regret is that you all had to witness this debacle, as I believed ABC was genuinely concerned about the truth. I see now that the battle for disclosure is far from over, and the negative forces here on Earth are as busy as ever.

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