W/ Steven Jacobson “Mind Control In America”

Steven Jacobson

Steven Jacobson

Steven Jacobson explaining how we are all manipulated and controlled by the mind control.

“All the problems in America are the result of people being led to believe things that are not true,” says Steven Jacobson, author and producer of the audio series’ Mind Control in America and Wake-Up America. If you have not been deprogrammed yet, then these two powerful tapes (the result of more than ten years of research) will open your eyes and mind to a hidden reality!
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The audio “Mind Control In America” examines the brainwashing techniques employed and answers the questions, “Who is in control of influencing our thinking?” and “What is the ultimate goal of this assault on the mind of a nation?”.

*Learn the Techniques of Mind Control*
*Hear Examples of Backward Masking*
*Discover the Ultimate Goal of Psychological Warfare*

Steven Jacobson’s Mind Control in America & Wake-Up America

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Website http://www.mindcontrolinamerica.com

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