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Steve Younis

Steve Younis

Welcome all as we welcome back one of the good guys on the internet. Especially one of the good guys doing online radio, and he’s no stranger to this show Mr Steve Younis is going to be back on with me.

Steve Younis might be best known to my listeners as the man behind the website Superman Homepage. Which is where any, and all Superman fans like myself get their info. He’s been on the show before, and he’s also a podcaster, and is the ultimate insider when it comes to Superman reports, and news information on the web.

He’s a true gentleman, and a friend of ours here, and I cannot think of a better way to bring in our 3rd show of this new year than this! With none other then Steve Younis…

Check us out live at 10pm est! For now check out his websites, and make sure you bookmark them. Website:

[BIO] Steve Younis was born in Sydney, Australia. He and his wife Sonia were married on July 23, 1994. On July 24, 2003 the couple lost their first child, Jasmine, who was born 20 weeks premature. Less than a year later Sophie, their second child was born 16 weeks premature on July 11, 2004 and survived for three days, dying on July 14. In early 2010 his first book, “A Bereaved Father” was published, telling the story of his own experiences as a bereaved father, while giving other parents the opportunity to identify similarities with their own experiences.

Call in number [786] 245-8127

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