W/ Robert & Betty Andreasson Luca

Tonight we will be talking to Robert Luca, husband to Betty Luca who became famous as a result of the Raymond Fowler book The Andreasson Affair. A full version of the story is on the podcast page, so check it out!

Robert Luca

Betty Andreasson Luca

Of the many cases and reports of alien abduction, the Betty Andreasson Encounter of 1967 has stood the test of time and ridicule as one of the best documented accounts of mankind’s encounter with beings not of our dimension.

Countless web sites and message boards actively discuss her case even today, and at least 5 books have been written, not only of her monumental abduction of 1967, but the ongoing alien contact involving Betty and other family members.

In 1978, Bob Luca was told by the Elders, “You do not die…While his wife experienced the Alien beings firsthand,     Bob endured the government’s   harassment and extreme  invasion into their private lives. FBI agents visited Bob’s place of employment to question co-workers on his whereabouts. The couple also suspected that their   phones were being  tappedand often they found themselves being followed by vehicles with un-issued license plates.

Website: http://www.andreassonaffair.com/

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