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Tonight I go over some of the latest headlines in hip hop, and movies. Talked about the current Suge Knight murder trial, and how I think he should not spend another day in prison. That’s right I said it. Listen to the first half hour of the show, and listen in to my thoughts on what happened, and how while he’s not a good dude in this current situation he shouldn’t be sent to prison. I know this will be controversial to some! Also Beastie Boys go Diamond, Shock G of Digital Underground who recently in an article gave us an inside on what he thinks Tupac was feeling as he left the world, and Drake gets into trouble, and faces a possible lawsuit!

The guest of the night! RAWBOSS!

Born March 26, 1986 in Longview TX, raised by a single mother and living with two brothers, rapper Rawboss born Christopher Ford, would get his name at the age of 13 from his street affiliation. He started out freestyling, battle rapping & self recording himself on cassette tapes as his first taste of the hip-hop culture. Rawboss raps about the world and changes he wishes would happen while trying to shake the street life that he can’t seem to escape. His goal is to be able to promote a positive message and spark minds both young and old as a social activist, along with having people fall in love with hip-hop all over again. He raps with every intention of becoming a household name and to someday be looked at as a role model in society.

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