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Author Randall Keller recently published a book on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – Voices From Forever. Keller describes his journey through the paranormal in his own words: “Voices from Forever chronicles my journey through the paranormal by way of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

What started out as an experiment proved to be the most eye-opening and profound experience of my life. “I am now certain that our feeble attempts to define the afterlife have overwhelmingly missed the mark. Life goes beyond, and there is a vibrant reality that awaits us – a greater continuation of our spirit and our humanity.

“Death is not the end. It is our inauguration to forever.

Randall Keller’s experiments with Electronic Voice Phenomena have altered and amplified his understanding of the subtle concepts of truth and illusion. Learn about his discoveries with his book Voices from Forever, a chronicle of his journey through the paranormal, and pick up a signed copy at Washington Street Book Store, Hare de Grace, MD; Greetings and Readings, Hunt Valley, MD; Ukazoo Books, Towson, MD; Crystals, Candles and Cauldrons, Hampden, MD.

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