W/ Outtasite & Rush Project!

The Rush Project

The Rush Project

Mike “Outtasite” Singleton debuted in 1996 on the Sir Mix-A-Lot track “Fonk4da B.L.V.D.” alongside fellow members of his group, The Elite.

Several years later (1999-2000), Outtasite gained local attention for being the only unknown member of an otherwise supergroup of famous Seattleites, SUbSET.

Outtasite has a brand new music video out now, and he’s going to join us to talk about his new cd, and about his video, and other projects he’s currently working on.

Check out his new video here.

Album: Careful What You Wish For Rhyme Cartel Records Directed By: Dmitri Antos & Kevin Harvey Magmata / Odyssey Digital Get the single from iTunes Here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/care… www.rhymecartelrecords.com www.outtasitemusic.com

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