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Brother Detox

Brother Detox

Tonight we are joined by Brother Detox who brought out a man who’s close friends with himself named “Mr Johanson” who is a school teacher down in Florida, and who’s put together a very controversial play based on NAZI Germany! This play has caused major issues due to the nature of the show. Latinos, and Black kids are set up to play the JEWS while the white school kids are playing the Nazi’s themselves.

We had Divini call in to dissect the situation, and sadly the audio is sort of shitty due to the show airing in 2009 and on BlogTalkRadio or BTR as we call it from time to time. This was actually about the 30th show we’ve done here but BTR erased a lot of my episodes due to a mix up, and I only have a few episodes I was able to save.

This one is one of those crazy stories ONLY Brother “Brandon” Detox could bring to us. Hope you all enjoy this crazy so called school teacher. I say so called because we tried to check into him, and couldn’t find much on his background other then he’s had some people die before on his play but not much is known about the reasons why, and what even the actual background of the guest is! But this is sure to sicken some, and some of you sickos might wanna check out the show.

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