W/ Joanne Summerscales

Angel, Crystal, and Alan welcome to The show Joanne Summerscales from The AMMACH Project. She’s the founder/Director. She will be our main guest tonight during the interview part of the show from 11pm est. to Midnight. She’s coming to us all the way from the UK!

Plus we deal with fall out from last weeks show with Rey Hernandez, and the listeners reaction to that show.

You might be here because you have or are currently experiencing: Abduction by extra terrestrials (ETs), inter dimensional entities (IDEs), extra dimensional entities (EDEs) . You are an Alien Contactee . Both of the above . Anomalous mind management. Paranormal activity allied to the above . Notice you wake up with marks on your body, have implants. Awareness that you are a hybrid, Abduction by military/scientific humans, Djinn interference, Psychic attack, and you need someone to talk to about itÔÇŽ

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