W/ Joanna Summerscales

Joining us tonight Nov 29th are Joanna Summerscales & Bill Brooks who will speak about the new book Entitled 44, which was the age when Mr Brooks discovered his history of alleged abductions, he also claims in the book that he has been hounded by Freemasons, and aliens even showed him the resting place of some of serial killer couple Fred and Rose West’s victims.

The musician also claimed to have removed two implants from his body after an abduction.

Mr Brooksn claims in the book ghost written by alien abduction expert Joanna Summerscales, founder of The ET Newsroom, that he first began being taken onto space ships as a child.

Ms Summerscales said: “There was his time in the army. The military had a hand in at least one incident involving a mass abduction event he was part of as a new soldier in 1968.

“As well as being subjected to a mind control experiment in Porton Down, UK.”

She said after a week or two with his new regiment, Bill was the last to fall asleep after an exercise.

She added: “Their sleeping quarters was the top of a Saracen, and they had a great view. Bill noticed all his fellow soldiers suddenly moving as if in a trance en-masse towards a light that had suddenly appeared.

“Bill’s memory has been compromised to a great degree, which he believes is due to the many abduction events and mind control methods used by not only ET – but the military.”

The British MoD denied the claims – or having any involvement in mind control or aliens.

The book details several alleged abductions that Mr Brooks is said to have remembered aged 44 in 1994.

Ms Summerscales added: “Bill’s account is all the more fascinating because he didn’t believe in things extra-terrestrial, paranormal or UFO related, until age 44, when all hell broke loose.

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