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Jim Tierney

Jim Tierney

Jim Tierney’s interest in stand-up comedy was sparked in the Chicago open mic circuit during the comedy boom of the mid eighties. In 1987 he sold his book stores, closed his karate studio and packed up for Los Angeles. He continued his stand-up training with the unstoppable Bill Word, Anne Beats (Saturday Night Live original cast writer) and the Upri…ght Citizens Brigade in Hollywood.

He now studies formal acting under the sensational Jade Esteban Estrada. Tierney is never shy of physical comedy so flying karate kicks, pratfalls, bouncing off walls, diving off stools and challenging the construction of stages are all part of the fun. His performances are always colored with animated characters and unconventional act outs. Jim has a long time interest in the paranormal and it’s been said “write what you know”, so in 2004 his act started including Bigfoot, UFO’s and aliens etc.

In 2007 he quit writing and preforming his sketch show, producing his stand-up comedy rooms, and relocated to Texas just south of Austin. Once settled in San Marcos, while producing a new stand-up room and performing comedy in San Antonio, he decided in 2008 to start from scratch and develop a full 45 minute premise act devoted exclusively paranormal. His new act includes UFO’s, Bigfoot, crop circles, cover ups, conspiracy, media blackouts, chupracabra, and all our favorites! His new show entitled “I’m ALIEN ated!” is his masterpiece.

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