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Jerry Pippin

When Jerry wanted to be in broadcasting. He started hanging out at KBIX and KMUS, the two local radio stations in his home town of Muskogee, Oklahoma when he was in Junior High School. Finally after a couple of years, they got tired of him being a groupie, and gave him a job as one of the youngest announcers in the history of radio station KBIX. Radio was good to him, and he continued working full time and attended Northeastern State University in nearby Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

In 1961, he joined the US Army where he was stationed in the San Francisco Bay area. The San Francisco area was a hotbed of stand-up comedy in those years, and Jerry was exposed to stand-up for the first time. He now had two loves, radio and performing. After the Army, he returned to KBIX in Muskogee, and in 1967 he became part-owner and manager of KMMM-FM. Jerry did not like the business end of radio, and he enjoyed performing, so he sold the radio station, and returned to California to work in the Los Angeles market and pursued an acting/comedy career.

In 1998, Jerry returned to his home state, Oklahoma. He did an air stint at the legendary Oldies station, KOMA, in Oklahoma City, and later he would also do a show on KOOL-FM (KQLL) in Tulsa, an Oldies station. Clear Channel owners of KQLL wanted an exclusive agreement and Jerry refused, therefore, ending his Tulsa/Oklahoma City commute on the Turner Turnpike.

Jerry Now has a world wide following of his show the Jerry Pippin show. Over the years Jerry has become a living legend in radio, and is one of the pioneers of the format of talk radio that we do here, and shows like “Jackals Head.” Please join me in welcoming Mr Jerry Pippin to my show, and having him become one of the voices inside “Tha Jackals Head.”

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