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His first time on Tha Jackals Head even tho I’ve interviewed him before on Skywatchers Jeff dropped by to talk about his new dvd, and other things going on in his neck of the woods.

Since the spring of 2004, Jeff has experienced many UFO sightings and has video taped most of his experiences. Jeff is not alone in his experiences in the Phoenix metropolitan area, which has experienced a true “flap” of UFO sightings again in 2004.

Jeff has been interviewed on Phoenix Channel 3 News regarding his sightings and videos. Jeff like many other experiencers we have recently interviewed is obsessed, in a healthy sense, with observing a recording his sightings of UFOs. He is a man on a mission, having moved to Phoenix several years ago from New York City with the intent of trying to solve the ongoing mystery of the Phoenix Lights.

In this interview with Jerry covers Jeff’s background, his research efforts, his experiences with the media in Phoenix, his recent sightings, and what Jeff thinks is behind these repeated appearances of UFOs in the Phoenix area.

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