W/ Jacob Israel

Joining Skywatchers tonight is the author of the book “The Calling: The Book of Thomas James” the one, and only Jacob Israel. We first became aware of him on YouTube via a video he did on Planet Eris probably being Planet X. The Authentic tone of his voice, and te message in his video captued our attention. Mostly Angel’s and when we went thru his channel and saw how he was speaking about different topics ont just Planet X or ufo’s but religious, and political stuff we had to invite him on the show.

He’s someone that’s on the right path in questioning the meaning behind the things being fed to us by the media, and most important the people behind the vail. He’s a great mind, and as I’ve now spoken to the man, I can clearly say this guy is an authentic researcher, and someone I’m hoping we can call a friend.

I hope all our listeners follow his Channel, and get his book as he’s worthy of us spending on his work. So please join us as we welcome him for the first time on Skywatchers Rado!

JACOB ISRAEL is a National book award winning author, as well as a Lonestar Emmy, Telly, and N.R.B. award winning television writer and producer. He has been blessed with a steady creative career since graduating university. His compelling writing style brings the reader along a fantastic journey that may stay with them for many years to come. However, this is not who he is.

Mr. Israel is above all a man of great faith. He is a father to three amazing children and a husband to a wife he adores. Suffering from childhood with a severe, and debilitating, case of Crohns disease, he spent a majority of his life searching for it’s meaning. After years of studying various faiths he found a great truth that set him free. Today he understands that everything he endured from illness, abuse and abandonment, to losing everything, all played its part in creating who he would be.

This novel, which is the culmination of his experiences, hardships, and victories, was God’s gift to him and now he is overjoyed to share it with the world.



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