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Frank Madrid T.Az.P.R.S

Frank Madrid T.Az.P.R.S

“I have been interested in the paranormal since I was 9 years old when I experienced numerous “happenings” in my home (not all pleasant). I was physically tormented as a child while living with my family in National City, California, by numerous entities in our home. I come from a family of “seers” and feel that I am highly in tune with the energies that are around me. There was a time in 1989 at my family’s business in Phoenix, AZ that I was visited frequently by a young girl spirit who liked to play pranks at night after business hours.

This is when my paranormal investigations began. I have experienced many sightings on my journey, such as full body apparitions, energy emitting orbs, misty apparitions, and objects moving on their own. Some experiences can never be forgotten. Due to my extensive exposure to the paranormal, in 2006 I was prompted to found “The Arizona Paranormal Research Society” in the hopes of conducting extensive scientific research into the paranormal under controlled conditions. Our research has included the use of experimental energy emitting devices to aid in spirit communication. We believe that these devices provide some spirits with the energy needed to communicate as well as manifest themselves. We have found that these devices work well for EVP research allowing some EVP to be audible to the human ear as it is being recorded. Our research continues with each paranormal investigation.

We offer our help and support to those who believe they may be experiencing paranormal activity. Our focus is the scientific analysis of evidence obtained from investigations and providing education, understanding and support to our clients.” – Frank Madrid

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