W/ Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux

Tonight I’m joined by Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux the author of the book “An Angel Among Us: We called Him Michael Jackson… a spiritual journey” together we will look back at the life, and times of Michael Joe Jackson.

As everyone who follows my show knows I’m a big Michael Jackson fan, and in the past I’ve done tribute shows in his memory, and this year is no different. Like tribute shows of the past the entire show is dedicated to Michael Jackson.

All Calls are asked to be about Michael Jackson, and about the book. I will also play some of Michael’s music, and we will take calls the last 40minutes of the interview.

I wrote this book to show my love, honor, and respect for Michael. I believe we are all ethereal creatures in material bodies, biologically electrical in nature. Michael used the term “divine union” and I love it.

A single mom to a beautiful, smart, loving, artistic, funny daughter.

Originally from south Louisiana and now living in a tiny town called Cecilia. From a small family, consisting of myself, my daughter, Mom, my sister, and up until Jan. 21, 2010, Dad.

“I am still getting used to life without Dad or Michael.”

Writing my book, “An Angel Among Us: We Called Him Michael Jackson…a spiritual journey,” is my way of helping people see Michael’s true light and love, and understand their deeper connection to Him. Being one of Michael’s soldiers of Love, and connecting with others from all over the world, has been very fulfilling, energizing, and amazing.

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