W/ Brian “Divini” McComas

Tonight we are joined by Divini of Notzrimkabbalah for what is sure to be one enlightening conversation…

Brian "Divini" McComas

Brian “Divini” McComas

“I am Jewish I study Kabbalah, and read the Tanach/Torah and I was an admin to www.ReceivingLight.org and www.NotzrimKabbalah.com for years, serving by writing articles and papers of religious and spiritual topics. I have 3 beautiful daughters, and I am a Martial Artistist of Small Circle Jujitsu Black belt 2nd Dan. I love Nature, and Meditations, swimming, but lately I’ve been on the computer a lot.

There is a lot about me, and I don’t want to brag, just come get to know me. I’m very honest and bold and down to earth.”

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