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“Dennis Whitney” …Exopolotics with Dennis Whitney Dennis Whitney is a UFO experiencer, contactee and survivalist, writing about Consciousness, UFOs, 2012, and Emergency Preparedness, in various publications. He also writes a column called ‘Dennis Whitney and the Unexplained’ Seeking a peaceful, centered, and healthy life (When not visiting the Drive ins and Dives!), and always trying to unravel the mysteries of the unseen world with fellow researchers and enthusiasts. I’m also very preparedness minded, and believe strongly in the coming changes upon the Earth.

A new paradigm’s unfolding, and that’s not a bad thing. We just need to look into ourselves, get right with our lives, and move through what’s now unfolding! Most recently, I was honored to be quoted in Paola Harris’ latest book, “All of the Above”, and can honestly recommend it to anyone serious about listening to the wisdom of so many of those who have dedicated their lives to the study of the UFO phenomena. Good luck with the book, Paola!

You’ve earned it! My first article written for an Australian news site, focused on the full Disclosure of the ET reality, to the then-incoming Obama administration. You can read it on my blog: www.denniswhitneyufo.blogspot.com along with other such articles that might interest you, if this subject is important to you. And if you like the blog, and think it will fit well with your own, then by all means, let’s trade links, and get our word shared with others!

If you are also very ’emergency minded’ and looking for some homegrown preparedness ideas, there are always links I can recommend to you. But if you are interested in getting ‘Off the Grid’ however you can, visit my other blog: www.CookWithTheSun.blogspot.com where it will tell you everything about solar cooking, and even a link to download your own PDF instructions to build your own cooker for under $50! It’s a great tool for an emergency kit, but you can use it anytime you have a few hours of direct sunlight. You can cook anything that will fit in the pot! From desserts and side dishes, to steaks, fish, or even a roast.

Use it even if you just want to reduce your power bill. 100% sunlight, no other outside energy source. Check that one out. You’ll love the idea of it all!

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