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Dennis Rano

Dennis Rano

I am a former member of The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists who became fed up with the politics of politics: “They don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves… Republicans or Democrats they’re both the same!”

So I turned my talent of caricature to those who watch the sky for visitors from other worlds. Ufology’s top experts, researchers and abductees are featured. Debunkers are also included, after all you do need to hear from both sides!

I first saw something while in Iceland, thanks to Uncle Sam, in the night sky that moved in a perfect square pattern. About eight years ago I saw two large triangle shaped objects above me while driving through Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire. On 10/28/2009 while visiting North Carolina I saw an object come from behind the half moon’s dark side. It moved like a shooting star but arced towards the front of the moon and headed downward!

I believe they came here a long time ago and don’t think they want to harm us or we would have been eliminated by now.


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