W/ Debra Jayne East

Join Crystal, Alan, and Chris as they welcome back none other than Debra Jayne East!

Debra Jayne East was born the oldest of six girls in Martinsville, Virginia. Her interest in UFO’s started at 12 years old. Late one night the family dog was barking and when they went outside a huge dome shaped UFO loomed above the hill side close to their home. Since that time, UFO’s have made appearances in her life at each new location she has moved to. Her parents were even involved in the famous 1987 Wytheville, Virginia UFO event.

Since that discovery, Debra has continued her search for truth in being the host of radio shows like Sky-Watcher Radio, Millennium’s Edge and now Starlite-17 Radio Show. She has interviewed the top researchers and advocates in the field such as James Bartley and Eve Lorgen {who are expert researchers on Reptilian agenda} Steven Bassett, UFO lobbyist in Washington, Kosta Makreas of ETLetsTalk organization. She has interviewed scores of several best-selling authors such as Nick Redfern and A.K. Kuykendall along with everyday people who have their own extroidinary abduction stories to share.

“No one has all the answers, she says. We all are a piece of a much bigger picture and need to work together to get answers.”

Debra also produces other radio shows, does life coaching and writes paranormal books on Amazon as well.


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