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Born, and raised in Brooklyn New York Cynile who now lives in queens New York got into music at an early age… He was about 7 or 8 years old to be exact. He did not start telling people about it until he was 13 which was also the time he started to become serious about the music he wanted to make, and where he wanted to take his craft, and love for hip hop.

“I was nervous about it didn’t think I was any good I’m 21 now I’m trying my best to do this music thing but I have alot of daily activities that make it hard , work , school , etc but no matter how tired I am I head into the studio to try and get creative some days are better then others like any artist” But un like many artist which I have personally heard, Cynile brings a raw flavor to hip hop which is un matched by almost anyone in RAP today.

So much so that I personally asked him to duet with me on a song, and to be part of the show as a guest… He is one of the most talented artist in Rap today. Rarely is there a rap artist that comes from the underground which captures my attention like he has, and I can honestly say that his talent will take him very far.

As you all know I believe Thin C is one of the most talented overall artist in music today period! Well Cynile might not be as known as THIN C to some folks yet! But he is right on his way to getting to that status, and with the right people behind him the sky’s the limit for this young man. Folks join me as we welcome Cynile to THA JACKALS HEAD for his first ever BTR / Tenacity Radio interview, and one which I AM Positive you will all come out a fan of his music much how I have become myself.

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