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666This episode is a new episode but I played a classic episode from my old show on blog talk radio when I had on Clois Orand II the author of the book “The Antichrist 666.”

Here is the extraordinary, true, and controversial story of The Prophesied Antichrist.

But contrary to the dire warnings that have come from the pulpits for the past 2000 years, Mabus the Antichrist is not out to destroy the world.

His mission is to save it.

Hunted by shadowy conspirators and persecuted by religious zealots, the Antichrist escapes thier grasp and works towards his aim of global liberation-not from evil, but from superstition, repressive politics, and anti-science demagoguery.  His message is clear and threating to the powers-that-be: Religion was created to distract humankind from discovering the wondrous truths and enlightening secrets of the universe. And nothing will stop Mabus from spreading his incendiary gospel-not even attempts to kill him.

His beautiful companion by his side, Mabus must first come to grips with his supernatural, superhuman nature. Next he has to accept his place as Leader of the New World Order. Then, to fulfill his mission, he must elude a deadly female adversary with designs of her own. Finally, Mabus must face the greatest challenge of all: to save the future of mankind, he must find a way to travel back in time.

Blending top-flight speculative fiction and Biblical prophecy, The Antichrist: Version 666 may be the timliest book of the decade and a thriller like none other you’ve ever read.


Many world cultures are based on a cycle of birth, destruction, and rebirth. The symbol of the Ouroboros, a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail, has existed since the dawn of civilization. Yet no one is completely sure where it comes from. We only know that it signifies eternity. The ancient Mayan Sacred Calendar places Earth in a final cycle of life that will end near the winter solstice of 2012 AD. Many other civilizations and faiths maintain a belief in reincarnation, continuous birth, and return. Only three world religions use the concept of linear time instead of cyclical time: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

What if we have all lived the same lives and done the same things countless times? What if the world is trapped within a bubble in time where everyone is doomed to repeat the same actions over and over again? Would worldwide religions and governments want you to know about this, or would there be a monumental conspiracy to cover it all up?

Some people currently think that the illuminati, a highly secretive group-believd by many to be a wayward branch of the Society of Freemasons-is responsible for such a conspiracy. They believe that the Illuminati have infiltrated every branch of government, including NASA and all of its work, and every religion on the face of the planet. It is said that Fatalism, the religion doctrine of a preordained and immutable future, is being used to control our hearts, minds and spirits. Religion is being used to keep us unaware of what is really happening in order to maintain a power structure of the elite ruling over us until our deaths, and possibly until the death of the entire world.

This book explores the possibility that life as we know it is going to end on December 21st of the year 2012 AD, as outlined by the ancient Mayan culture of central Mexico. Their most sacred and accurate calendar, Tzolk’in, which is based on the 26,000-year cycle of the Pleiades, states that thirteen cycles of 400 Mayan years will pass before the calendar ends. it begins in 3114 BC on august 1st ( roughly 3750 BC in “our” calendar), which is very near the time of creation as perceived by the Jews.

If you count every century as a single “day” as some Biblical scholars do, the world’s first day could have begun with the century of 3700 BC, and on the last day, or day of completion, would have been the century of 3100 BC. This juxtaposition seems to be much more than coincidental. However, these are merely calendar estimates concerning Biblical Creationism, and as most scientists now know, our world is much older than that.

In fact, this book relates to a time line that is an endless cycle beginning roughly 1,000,000,000 years ago, before the first appearance of mankind. This cycle has no real beginning or absolute end, and thus is a manifestation of the Ouroboros-the snake/dragon swallowing it’s own tail and perpetually manifesting an infinite and eternal universe. It culminates in the year 2012 AD, when the earth is hit by a giant asteroid and is changed forever, slowly turning into an uninhabitable, frozen orb which eventually becomes the planet Mars. Before this happens, a  group of intrepid, technologically advanced people known as Antis, led by the actual Antichrist, must travel back in time to the planet Venus, to begin life anew and to perpetuate an eternal cycle which will keep mankind forever evolving and alive indefinitely.

We have much established research pinpointing the Cydonia region of Mars as corresponding to the Giza region of Egypt, where the five Great Pyramids reside. On mars lie the ruins of incredibly similar structures that are obviously artificial, as they encompass many straight lines and right angles that cannot be formed though natural means. These structures, along with the famous “Martian Face”- which, remarkably, appears to be the crumbled ruins of the Egyptian Sphinx-pointedly correspond almost exactly to the Great Pyramids of Egypt.This validates a current scientific theory, postulated and detailed in this book, that Mars is indeed the planet Earth in the not-too-distant future. If this is so, then the planet Venus, Known to the Romans as Lucifer, or morning star, must also be Earth in it’s distant past.We have found much Scientific evidence indicating the potential validity of this remarkable theory.

We propose now to show you an entirely realistic history within this book, based on hundreds of hours of solid current scientific research and factual data from a wide variety of interrelated and extremely credible resources. We suggest that the proposed Antichrist of the Bible will appear very soon in our times and establish a New World Order, fulfill many of the soundest Biblical prophecies. Then he will leave in a spaceship with twelve people of his eternal destiny, known as Antis, to begin life anew on Venus just before the predicted cataclysm engulfs our forewarned but doomed planet on December 21st of the year2012 AD.

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