W/ Chris Brown & Nancy Birnes

Well tonight we were all set to have on with us Joanne Summescales live from the UK but her sound was really bad, and we had to post pone her being on until a later date. Which is a bummer because we’re all dying to have her on the show.

Chris, and Nancy saved our butts tho! The show ended up being semi good. Can’t lie. Could always be better but nothing can be done he’s the other guy. It is what it is… lol

Did have some cool news to talk about, and below are the links to these said topics.

Strange ‘ancient face’ spotted on Mars rock

HUGE UFO over India filmed from Airplane window – Nov 2015 !!!

Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweets Photo Of UFO From ISS

Nigerian lecturer said to have solved 156-Year-old Math problem

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