🏃‍♂️VP wannabe Kamala Harris New Face? WTF?

WOW This is incredibly funny, and sick at the same time guys the ever so dumb “Kamala Harris” who tried, and failed to become President, and now is up for joining his Joe Biden as “VP” as she is a woman of color, and some would say used to be a beautiful woman which is subjective to what you see as beautiful of course. But that was just a few months ago the rumored front runner for vice president on the Democratic ticket decided to get plastic surgery, and now she looks not human! She along with Lori Lightfoot must be on a mission from another planet to try, and destroy our world cause these bitches don’t look human, and more like Halloween masks.

WTF is happening? Check out the video…

She had been seen as the frontrunner to become Joe Biden’s Vice President but there’s a growing number of people in the Democratic party who do not want Kamala to get the VP position. Regardless of her ghoulish creature looks!

On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders delegates in California sent Joe Biden a list of three Black female candidates they’d like to see the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee choose from as he names his running mate.

Sen. Kamala Harris, the former California attorney general and San Francisco district attorney who’s believed to be on the former vice president’s short list, was not one of the three chosen. LMAO! Not even Crazy Bernie is feeling her new face? Hilarious…

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