Virginia Senator ARRESTED For Destruction of Monument? OH YEAH!

Sen. Lucas makes first remarks following warrants for her arrest! Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene said officers had arrest warrants on file against State Senator Louise Lucas, members of the Portsmouth NAACP, a school board member, public defenders, and several others. The charges were related to an incident at the city’s Confederate monument in Olde Town on June 10, 2020.

A man was hurt seriously bad that day when people pulled down a statue that was part of the monument. She was on record telling cops NOT To arrest them that they were on their way to vandalize the statue, and not arrest any of them. This was on audio, and it’s been leaked, and she’s now in major legal issues over it as again a man was badly hurt due to her neglagance, and like all these demoncRATS on the left she’s passing the black to someone else saying she was TOLD to let them do it but she has not named to told her, and I say she’s lying… She tried to sue to lawyer who brought up the charges saying his trying to bring her to justice was hurting her character? Shit did that to herself by doing what she done, and by how she looks old clown looking bitch. She should be thrown out of office immediately. This also goes for any government official that acts this way IMO… Nancy Pelosi I’m looking at you! Jerry Naddler I’m looking at you!

I’m sick of how these libtard clowns keep getting away with major feloneys, and all for political reasons to cause massive chaos heading into the election. Don’t fall for it folks. Don’t fall for it… This bitch, and all others in congress, and senate who are democRATS are working for the socialist extremists groups trying to destroy our land. Check out her quote on the meme to the left.. Not only if she nuts, and looks nuts! But she’s a racist also.

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