(2011-2015) PRODUCER / CO-HOST

William Michael Mott William Michael Mott[/caption]

Mike’s website of artwork, writing, Forteana, edged weapons, and other endeavors can be seen at http://www.mottimorphic.com

Tim Swartz

Tim Swartz

Tim’s website of Fortean lore and conspiracy rumors is to be found at Conspiracy Journal, located at http://uforeview.tripod.com/index.html

Welcome to a world of conspiracies, of mysteries, of hidden and forgotten things.

It’s a world more strange, more frightening, and more fascinating than most people ever imagine, or dare to contemplate.

The door is opening… Throw off your chains and blinders, and enter the realm of Unraveling the Secrets.

The show has been produced by Angel Espino since 2011 both on video, and on audio only for New Logic Entertainment.