Undisputed with Rapper “Lil Wayne!”

I’ve never been a fan of Lil Wayne’s music but over the years I’ve become a fan of his not so much for his music but because he is very real on how he handles himself, and doesn’t allow the media to manipulate his voice, and opinion. He was asked when Trump won, and there was a lot of controversy going on with cops getting shot he was the ONLY rapper in the mainstream who stood up for the police, and said he would never talk bad about cops, and explained why.

Even with the media clearly trying to push him towards trashing the cops he stood his own, and explained he’s friends with the police, and said the truth that this country is NOT racist, and he went as far saying that he’s never seen or had racism towards himself by the police or white people. He’s a real man, and I gained respect for the man… Now a days his music has grown on me, and it began because he was honest in the media, and I found that refreshing. Check out the video I’m talking about.

Having some fun he was on the show UNDISPUTED recently to talk sports, and since I’m a sports junky I found his thoughts on the NBA & NFL interesting, and we’re both big “Lakers” fans, and it’s a team I liked the most as a kid (I’m a Heat fan now a days Lakers 2nd on my list) and to quote Wayne “Lil Wayne: LeBrons the GOAT” & “Lakers will win this year’s title” he also defends “Aaron Rodgers” and he’s a packers fan, and thinks Rogers still has another Superbowl run in him. Could he have? Could Wayne be right? Could Wayne have a future in sports commentary once the music stops? Don’t know but Waynes a good dude, and so with that said check out this video.

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