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UKRAINE CONTROVERSY: President Trump Says Democrats Have Lost It

Before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with reporters at the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday; saying he had a “great phone call” with President Trump and “there was no pressure.” The White House accidentally emailed its talking points about the President’s call with the Ukrainian leader to House Democrats.

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during a meeting in New York with President Trump, told reporters Wednesday that he was not pressured to investigate the Biden family during their now-controversial phone call over the summer,” reports Fox News.

“Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky said. “We had a great phone call,” Zelensky added. “It was normal.”

“In other words, there was no pressure and you know there was no pressure,” added President Trump.

The talking points include lines like: “Let’s be clear, there was no quid pro quo for Ukraine to get US aid in exchange for looking into Biden or his son.” The President later went on tv with Ukrainian leader to speak directly to the American people. I’ve read the entire transcript, and it really is a whole lot of nothing. But already the left is trying to spin this, and make it out to be more sinister than it is.

But Here you can get the full copy, and judge for yourself.

As far as I see it it’s a friendly welcoming call, and one which is between two world leaders, and this is how one speaks when speaking to another world leader, and with this call what this tells us the American people is that our president wants to stop corruption. Well this is what WE THE PEOPLE want in our government to end…. So thanks to this PRESIDENT who brings up stopping it to a new President is important.

Joe Biden is on video himself bragging about doing illegal activity with then President Obama one which made him, and his son and I’m sure OBAMA a ton of money. Why doesn’t the leftist media want to look into ANYTHING dealing with Obama/Biden or anyone named “Clinton” ? Think about it. So while Biden and his son are stealing money from American taxpayers all the left wants to do is Look at all things Trump. Shame on them.

66-29 A huge majority believes the Democrats should work with President Donald Trump to solve the nations problems rather than impeachment; 58-32 voters believe the Democrats and the Washington DC establishment are blocking changes President Trump is trying to make to clean up the corruption in this country.

Since the day President Trump was elected to office, Democrats have tried to find any opportunity to undermine his presidency. In this most recent attempt, they made accusations before any facts were presented. And Nancy, and most who have not stopped with the witch hunt have been against him being President since before he even ran. When he was just speaking about it or announcing his run she was on record saying he would never be President, and she’s on video saying she would make sure of it. So to me her not having read the so called phone call transcript or heard from the man himself Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who went on tv and said he never felt pressure from Trump, and it was a “normal” phone call. Folks this is a “NOTHING BURGER” and it’s bigger, and more laughable than even the Russian hoax that Robert Mueller had others write for him. Since we know he didn’t write it himself after his big nothing on congress. These stunts get more, and more sad, and laughable with each attempt by the darkside.. I mean the left side of Congress.

The Empires Loudmouth Nasty Nancy Pelosi had not even seen the damn transcript or was involved in anyway but took the word of a “whistleblower” with an agenda, and announced that “yeah this time! We’re seriously gonna open an inquiry into possibly maybe sorta try again to take out our elected President by impeaching him over someone elses crimes. Hillary breaks the law they try to impeach trump, Biden/Obama break the law, and Hunter Biden makes off like Bernie Madoff, and they want to impeach Trump! Folks if you don’t see this as what it is, and it’s a witch hunt to take down a President, and take over this country by the left than you’re blind as a bat!

She’s a major issue but the entire left is involved in what is the largest radical attempted takeover of this country, and we must vote all these socialist radicals out in 2020! By any means this is has become clear with each scandal they hoax and having read DOJ’s Trump Ukraine release, here’s the real story: This is another left attempt to take out a president, on the basis of another non-smoking-gun.

“WITCH HUNT PART 2” Republicans Slam Democrats Over President Trump Ukraine Hysteria

I Agree with with Terrance K Williams on this…. LOL


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