UNAMERICAN: Every Yankee and National Took a Knee on Opening Day ⚾

The Yankees & Nationals lost me as a fan as of today… Honestly I won’t be watching, and I grew up a big fan of the Yankees, and rooted for the Nationals in the last World Series. I will NEVER Support these two teams again, and will never watch another game of either of them.

They used to say that America went with baseball like Apple Pie went with America. Folks these days are long gone. These sports teams are all sold out like Hollywood. Tonight, Major League Baseball commemorated the start of baseball season by bowing down to Black Lives Matter.

Every player on both the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals took a knee before the Star-Spangled Banner. They also saluted Black Lives Matter a known Marxist organization. I never thought I would see the day when American men would bow down to Marxism. And I would never thought I’d see the day where sports, and Hollywood would accept, embrace, encourage, and endorse violence, riots, looting, and the murder of innocent people. BUT this is who these people are… Sort of the richer these morons are the bigger the morons they become. What gets me is how diverse the sports world is, and for them to take a knee on against this country which gave them the chance to play a sport, and make millions tells you the level of stupid these people are actually stuck in.

A LOT of MLB is made up of Latinos these days, and it always boggles my mind how a Latino who wanted to come here so bad to better his/her life want to bow to Marxist, socialist, communists, and destroy this country and make it like the shithole they left? I’m Cuban, and I don’t want to see that here. Neither should anyone else… These moron athletes like these MLB players, and LeChump Lames (Lebron James) disgust me, and should all leave the fucking country if they hate it here. MOVE TO FUCKING CHINA you fucktard losers! The Yankees and the Nationals brought great shame upon themselves, their families and their organizations.

Maybe it’s past time for America to get a new favorite pastime… I’m done with these assclowns. I hope the parks remain empty, and MLB, NFL, NBA, and all of Hollywood goes belly up, and die out. These are all filled with Anti American losers.

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