Ufonaut Radio / New Guard with Jesse Randolph + Music!

Check out my good friend Jesse Randolph who had a kickass podcast at one time but now spends his days with his wonderful sidekick, and love of his life his lovely lady, and has moved on to bigger projects than podcasting.

But man was his show kickass, and probably the show more than any other which got me into taking ufology on podcast serious because other than Art Bell for years I didn’t know anyone else was this good until I heard Jesse on BlogTalkRadio years ago. He was polished, and ready for AM Radio, and I had no clue why he was wasting his time on BTR then but but’s off there now like I said, and I was checking out these videos, and thought sharing them would be cool. So here checkout the playlist below.. He’s also a very good musician, and I play his music on my show as bumper music from time to time. Check out his music on Soundcloud also..

Here below is a playlist of some of his best shows he’s got on YouTube.

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