Twitter targets ME! Just like Facebook!

Yes folks I kid you not… I’ve been now the target of both social medias as I cannot post this url on Facebook at all, and now I got this from the Twitter itself… Laughable. This one came from some leftist Trump hating hack who calls himself “PoliticalED” who posted this crap cause I said some facts! That Obama is the one who went to Cuba, and shook hands with the Castro Brothers after these same idiots tried to call out Marco Rubio for what he’s doing to protect our elections, and who’s on the right path. Marco Rubio has come along way, and has gained my respect over the years, and because I agreed with Marco now ED is targeting me. But two can play this game as I reported his account on 10 different posts he made harrasing others on twitter. Check this crap out below, and if you care about free speech, freedom of liberty, and our rights to agree with whomever we want without being harrased should go on Twitter, and report this asshole PoliticalED.

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