Trumps Round Table “Transition to Greatness!”

Live: President Trump holds a round table on ‘Transition to Greatness: Restoring, Rebuilding, and Renewing’… Watch live, and learn the truth of what the President has been doing to bring the country together. And when we say the country this means “black, latino, white, Asian” and anyone else who’s here legally, and love this land.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong, and disgusting to watch but at the same time let’s not forget he was a criminal, and not a good person. The reason he got himself into the position he died in was because he broke the law, and did so often from the looks of his police record. From petty crimes to armed robbery to holding up a woman who was pregnant, and pistol whipping her… I know right now the left is trying to make a drug addicted criminal into a saint. Why? Because they’re going to use ANYTHING they can spin into putting people to react with emotions, and that they can spin it, and use it to smear Trump.

This folks is the agenda of the left… When you see them kneeling the democRATS Don’t care about the meaning behind it… IF Not why is Nancy Pelosi and others wearing the scarf of a known African tribe that sold the most slaves around the world? That and she’s kneeling how the cop did on George? The symbol is that the left still has you fooled, and by the neck.

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