Trump is ‘visibly struggling’ For walking out on the press? Rachel Madcow says dumb shit. Again!

Listen to this moron Rachel Madcow talk about Trump like he’s crazy… Has she not looked in the mirror? Or at Joe Biden? Or the rest of the left which are full of crazy people?

Madcow issued a dire warning about The President following his widely-coronavirus press conference on Monday.

“In all seriousness, that the president, right now, in the midst of this crisis, is visibly struggling, there’s something wrong or he’s just not doing okay, I don’t know, but the president apparently just is not able to keep it together right now in his public appearances,” Madcow noted.. But wait isn’t that projecting from the mental issues Biden is having?

“What is wrong with the president today? We don’t know. Something is wrong,” she said. “Whether or not you, you know, like the president or not, whether you enjoy his public effect or not on a regular basis, it is clear that there is something wrong and that’s important whenever the president of the United States is visibly unwound like that,” she explained.

Ok so the FACTS that these two “Reporters” were both workers for CBS, and MSNBC ironically the same network Rachel works for! Shocking… It’s almost like this was set up to try and create a buzz. Think about it and watch the entire until video. The president is being polite why does the CHINESE reporter Weijia Jiang of CBS have to ask such an idiotic question? Her being Chinese, and being someone socialist like she is who uses twitter for nothing but to smear Trump and is always getting rude with him in the press expect? Had it been me I swear I would have told her off… He was actually polite. But the left is trying to create a buzz again.

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Question is what’s wrong with YOU bitch? Look at her 2 months ago on “Jimmy Failing’s Tonight Blows” where she say’s “It’s nothing to panic about!” Oh and now she like the rest of the leftist are learning they’re wrong. When they called Trump a Racist or Xenophobe for closing flights from and too china, and were wrong, and she will never admit it. And now she’s acting like he’s losing it because he refused to let some bully reporters kept interrupting him, and trying to get their way, and not letting him continue?

Sorry Rachel you’re just stupid! You are just another loser liar… who doesn’t know what else to do but trash Trump. She spent the last 3 years propping every fake agenda only to have it blow up in her face every time.

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These people think we forget…. Or that the internet has no long lasting memory! lol idiots… Love how now they’re hard at work trying to RE-Write history. Oh, and instead on talking about Biden ad his RAPE case… This is what they spend their time talking about.

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