Trump Town Hall 2020👏😎👏TRUMP WINS!

Watch what was a total nightmare! For the network host, and not President Trump who tore her a new extra hole in her lower parts. Now she can say she sports 3 holes down there, and the 3 strike rule is in play? Maybe it should. As she got so heated, and in near meltdown mode Trump tore every lie, allegation, and assumption she tried to make some how a fact. This was supposed to be a Town Hall, and instead it became a Debate where Trump was bombarded by the worst job I’ve seen so far by any local reporter in Miami. This moron “TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie who hosted the discussion with President Donald Trump on NBC News in my own town of Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22. Since Joe Biden is such a pussy he wouldn’t show up, and Trump took it on anyway, and he killed it! This man is the PRESIDENT this country needs to move forward into a better tomorrow. IF this didn’t win Florida for him the game is rigged.

This wasn’t even close every time that Savannah Guthrie tried to trigger Trump he would destroy her argument, and he mopped the floor with her. Savannah Guthrie needs to be fired from her job as she’s just another socialist loser who knows now how it feels to get her ass handed on her own format. Trump owned the night so good that he even got a compliment at how handsome a smile he had, and it was a moment for applause. Also there was either a black American or Latina lady to Trumps right back, and she kept nodding her head when Trump would hit the facts. This was great to see as it sent the right signal to others who have been on the edge. She gets it, and I think she speaks for many like her. Trump gets it, and he speaks to us all with how he talks, and how he communicates.

This was an amazing moment for him going into the next part of this month, and as we get close to November 3rd. Nobody who’s been President has ever been hit so hard by the media as Trump in his first term, and honestly he put it out and plain it’s been a big giant hoax, and when asked about the Stimulus he stuck the nail in Pelosi’s coffin by putting all the blame on her where it belongs. He’s been saying for months to release the money to the people, and SHE doesn’t want to do it, and she’s recently been on record that she doesn’t want to send out checks cause it would have his signature on it. She’s playing with our lives, and he put her in her place in a big event.

Folks watch below the entire thing, and then check out the hilarious blow by blow from Steven Crowder who did a great job with his crew on looking at this event.

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