Trump Signs Historic $2 Trillion Covid19 Relief Package AS Pelosi Caves

So days of grandstanding like a little school girl on a bad trip home from sunday school Nasty Nancy Pelosi caved on the $2 trillion CornaVirus relief bill, and the papers were sent to President Trump’s desk right away to get his Herbie Hancock.

Within two hours of it passing, President Trump signed it! That means our checks will be coming VERY soon! For all those in need of emergency help the President delivered once again on his word to the country, and remember guys it was the Democrats trying to give the bill the “GREEN NEW DEAL” treatment, and a very hateful woman who thinks she’s queen of congress who held this up. I say keep it up libs! Come November hope the American people explain just what your antics have meant to us the last 4 years.

IT’S time we all stood up, and took our country back from these evil clowns on the left… They Hail Hydra that’s for sure.

The White House tweeted this out in celebration:

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