Trump Removes Troops from Syria explained!

Found these on YouTube, and Twitter, and it’s an excellent video explaining why TRUMP DID NOT do anything wrong. As discussed in the video, there’s a live map of the Civil War in Syria:

The Middle East is a quagmire there will always be wars which makes us really ask the question “when is a good time to leave?” Well Michael Gallas videos are excellent check this video below.

Trump Removes Troops from Syria

Now Michael isn’t the only one who makes sense to why we did the right move and moved our 28 soldiers out of harm’s way.

CrossTalk: Leaving Syria alone?

Also The White House sent FOX NEWS the letter sent from Trump to Turkey showing that this wasn’t done to allow Turkey to do anything sinister but the President did what he said he would do when he ran for president. He’s getting our troops out of harm’s way from the endless wars in the middle east.

Plus this now let’s other countries who’s leaching off our military now knows that if you don’t play ball, and stop these endless wars you will no longer be able to leach out of our military, and this folks continues to pile on bodies from our own country. We’re literally losing our AMERICAN soldiers fighting endless wars which we should never had been involved in. So this isn’t what AMERICA wanted? I remember even OBAMA ran on pulling our troops out, and he never did live up to his word. ONE of many times Obama went back on his word, and now that Trump did what he said he would which was pull us out of endless wars the left has an issue? SO who’s the war monger? Obama, and the left or the guy trying to end our involvement in wars in Trump? USE YOUR MINDS PEOPLE! Trump did the right thing.

Read Trump’s Letter to President Erdogan of Turkey

In Turkey’s way: Russia deploys patrols to northern Syria

While some would say that Trump’s decision to remove troops from Syria is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, he is right in saying that we cannot be the policeman of the world and it is time for countries like Turkey, Russia, Iraq and Iran to take over. “We shouldn’t be the policeman of the world,” Trump tweeted. That was the rallying cry by liberals during the Vietnam war too. Now liberals are criticizing Trump for leaving.

This was also again a promise Trump made during his campaign to get us out of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. On the other hand by leaving I fear we are setting up the Kurds to be slaughtered as I don’t trust Iran and Iraq or Russia to take up their slack. Also Trump by losing his top generals and strategists like H.R. McMaster, James Mattis and now special envoy Bret McGurk he is losing his top strategists that was keeping ISIS at bay.

While it’s the right thing to have done! Let’s see how this whole thing plays out, and I know to some while it might look bad but remember Trump said when he ran that he would keep his Military strategy close to the chest, and would reveal very little of what he was planning so our enemies didn’t have time to prepare, and this move has showcased, and exposed some enemies masking themselves as our allies. So we shouldn’t panic, and should let this play out how it needs to play out.

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